The Friendship Village Project is initiated with whole–hearted and long–term goals which arepursued by Flavours of Vietnam’s co–owners. The friendship villages’ mission is to generate cultural exchange programs between friends from abroad and the people of Pù Bin. Simultaneously we are working to promote sustainable living by providing educational support with the help of international volunteers who shared our desire for peace and cultural enrichment.

In the recent years, many people from different nations have formed an international committee with representatives from the USA, Canada, Europe countries, and Viet Nam work to finance and manage the Friendship Village. In Viet Nam, we have the Diệp Tô Foundation.

Planned in three neighboring hamlets, the friendship villages are symbols for Vietnam/Canada, Vietnam/USA, and Vietnam/Europe. The Friendship Village project provides educational and vocational opportunities for people staying in Pù Bin. By performing daily tasks, the local people will learn new approaches and enhance their skills. In addition, foreign friends will have a chance to immerse themselves in the local community and interact with people in need for a better life.

The exchange programs are focused on travelers who are passionate in preserving ethnic heritage and creating responsible improvement for vulnerable parts in the world. We expect Friendship villages to represent our community network where connecting people who want to give hands of help to improve the quality of local people’slife in Viet Nam.