Pù Bin Spice Hills is full of smart, skillful, enthusiastic and fun people who care a lot more about how to provide for our guests and to find the best service that match with their interests and benefits rather than trying to attract plenty of tourists to make profit on it and then turn this place into commercialization attraction.

Our team is present in both Hà Nội Head Office and Pù Bin Spice Hills. Our Hà Nội team are responsible for operating the project generally and to ensure that every process is running smoothly from the guests’ arrival to their departure. Majority of our employees are at Pù Bin, they are involve directly with serving our guests during their stay. Their accomodations is chosen from the most experienced families in Pù Bin and who are well trained by our tourism experts.

And we never go at it alone. We support and are supported by others to develop our own personal results stories. We share our stories to domestic and international NGOs and charity organization as well as the individual volunteers to get more attention from them for sharing a hand forward to the common goal of developing the community-based on tourism.

We work hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we laugh a lot…most often at ourselves.

Come and visit Pù Bin, you will be welcome by our friendly Artisans:

Pù Bin project started in 2014 and we will continue to develop the project in the next years. Pù Bin Spice Hills, Pù Bin organic Farmstay or Pù Bin friendship villages are all in our plan related to the purpose of education, environment and healthcare, etc.

–  Pù Bin Spice Hills where we grow herbs and spices and educate everyone both local people and our guest about the nutrition and community healthcare.

–   Pù Bin organic Farmstay provide the guests with unique accommodation, authentic food and exciting activities. Whereby, tourists may learn and support the villagers while protecting the environment.

–  Pù Bin friendship villages may include Viet Nam – Canada, Viet Nam – USA, Viet Nam – Australia, Viet Nam – EU and Viet Nam – Japan village. We desire to increase the cultural connection between Pù Bin villages and the other villages in other countries where we can learn from each other and the advanced methods to enhance the life conditions of local community.