Pù Bin is located in high altitude with mountain soils that naturally provide good drainage. This is a plus for growing herbs such as perrila, basil, mint, piper lolot, wormwood and other diverse spices such as: chilly species, garlic, lemongrass, etc… Especially in Pù Bin,the edaphic cultivates the herbs and spices with higher nutrient content than other areas. The plants of Pù Bin are identified for their potential health benefiting and detoxification properties by nutrition scientists.

Pù Bin people, however, have just conducted primitive cultivation methods since antiquity. Diệp Tô Foundation desires to take advantage of Pù Bin’s soil and improve cultivation, harvesting and preservation stages in a higher standard, which brings the highest nutrient concentrations tothe final product. Consequently, spice product branding “Pù Bin Spice Hills” would be accepted and consumed in every house-holds’ kitchen or even in luxury restaurants and hotels. Thence, Pù Bin Spice Hills is our Foundation’s project to enhance local living standard through organic agriculture.

In summary, our goals for this project are:

· Improved cultivation standards throughout the year
· Generating other sustainable standard of living for indigenous people from organic products and tourism
· Serving tourists’ meals with totally fresh and organic vegetable cultivated with our heartfelt dedication.


Situated at the end of a mountain range, Pù Bin is the home of Thái and Muong minorities in Hòa Bình province, where the distinctive cultures of mountainous Northwest have become the pride of the indigenous people and is one of the special points to attract tourists.
Being first found by Diếp Tô Foundation and Flavours of Vietnam in 2014, Pù Bin was almost a forgotten destination for a long period of time. The village possess the beauty of a pristine girl, unembellished yet mysterious.

Not as bustling as the other sight-seeing places in Mai Châu, Pù Bin brings our guests a completely new experience in a feature space of Farmstay. You should allow yourself the opportunity to experience and to step on this wonderful land and discover the endless beauty of the majestic mountains. It is the charm that is expressed through the simple day to day life of the people here, who have yet to experience the luxurious material things of the world. They simply live in harmony with nature. We invite you to, Pù Bin with us. We would provide the utmost experience for tourists not only with the authentic local specialties and highly interactive local encounters, but also with the unique activities. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the secret recipes and learn how to create healthy food from Pu Bin’s farm of organic herbs and spices. Visit Pù Bin so you can experience the life of a farmer and reconnect with rural heritage. You will get to participate in farming activities, yoga and meditation, cooking with our chef Ms. Diệp Tô and many more.


Spice making classes will show you the traditional process how Pù Bin’s artisans create each spice. You can see the process is quite simple and in actuality,the artisans are performing their inherited technique. Without them there would be no Pù Bin spice specialties. Participation in the entire process is rarely required, however an extra hand is always welcome. After every class, you will be rewarded with a surprise souvenir from our whole hearted artisans.