We are the best choice for the unique and truly authentic experience seekers. Come to Pù Bin for relaxing, joining the local encounters, staying in Thái stilts house, learning more and involving you in the fair trade with us.

We are truly an expert of Responsible Tourism
Touring to Pù Bin, you are able to become a passionate global activist in a field of tourism and environment protection. We are there to show you how to do it best. Simply because, we have a commitment to ourselves to reserve the authentic values of Pù Bin. We want to solve the environmental issues for this community and to involve our guest in these activities. The most wonderful experience is their trip through our deep knowledge about responsible tourism.

We are a Farmstay and we bring our guests the complete experience
Imagine waking up to the sound of a rooster on a farm in Pù Bin, or sitting around an authentic kitchen with a Thái family to enjoy a home cooked local meal. Sounds appealing? If you’re sick of sterile hotel rooms and you’d like to get a closer look at the local culture on your next trip, you may want to consider a Farmstay. Our Farmstay is a unique concept for those who love nature and peace, for those who only want to live without the noise and have a hill of their own. We promise you will be treated like royalties while at Pù Bin. Farmstay, where in this sort of accommodation, your closest contact with the farm itself may be a leisurely stroll across a nice trail or fertile plains with all kinds of seasonal crops instead of being surrounded by sumptuous material comforts.

We maximize the experience with local people
In Northwest Viet Nam, mountains have long been a haven for an eclectic mix of hill tribes. Dressed in elaborate costumes, the ethnic people live as they have for generations and extend the hand of friendship to strangers; an encounter with the locals is both a humbling and heart-warming experience. In Pù Bin, languages have no longer been the barrier to approach the indigenous culture. With our support, we involve you in the highly interactive activities with villagers and exploring the Thái customs and experiencing other culture will become easier than ever.

We are committed to providing our guests the best food, the best accommodation and the best experience
Firstly, we always understand that food is an important part of any trip. In Pù Bin, we not only offer you delicious local food but also a good healthy menu especially for vegetarians and vegans with the highest quality cooked by our professional cooking team whom our chef, Ms. Diệp Tô, trained with her own recipes.

Accommodations are also one of the most interesting criteria for tourists on every trip. We offer the best accommodation stilt houses while, still conserving the authentic architecture full of basic facilities and amenities. We strive to give you the privacy, safety, comfort and the closest communication with your host family which will increase the cultural connection.

Finally, we particularly care about the activities for our guests to participate in. You will need to recharge your energy and spirit each day through the interesting activities such as farming, collecting herbs, cooking and teaching English, etc. Coming with us, Pù Bin will turn your trip into the most memorable experience in Viet Nam.

We have the absolute support from local authority and NGOs
We have been fortunate to generate a long-term relationship with local authority for over a year and now we are so proud to be the exclusive company to bring our products in Pù Bin to our guests.  Moreover, NGOs will also find us to help raise funds aiming to support Pù Bin local people for a better life. Therefore, Pù Bin is your best choice for a unique, authentic, healthy and safe experience.