March 16, 2018
Community service is a part of school activities. The main purpose of this programme is to provide opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community and their world. It also helps students to develop the knowledge, skills and outlooks required to play their part in creating a fair, inclusive and cohesive society and to encourage them to drive and inspire sustainable change.
Diệp Tô Foundation has become a partner of United Nations International School of Ha Noi (UNIS) to arrange Service Learning for students. In our programme, students will have chance to learn about the challenges of community-based tourism and the culture of Thái Ethnic in Pù Bin, particularly their food. They will also take part in farming activities to experience farmers’ life in mountainous areas in Viet Nam. UNIS is one of the first schools that we choose to include in our project for long-term tight cooperation. We hope that students will be involved in investigating planning and initiating projects to support our works in Pù Bin.
We had presentation at UNIS to let students understand more about Pù Bin and what they can do to help Pù Bin people. Our project has been running for more than a year and we still have lots of works to do in the future. Thus, with UNIS students’ support, we hope that Pù Bin local people would be given a helping hand to improve their life condition. Besides, UNIS students will be the bridge to connect Pù Bin community with the other students which would help us promote our project to more and more people. Morever, through UNIS students’ actions, we want to emphasize the humanity of project that should be spreaded widely to youths because these days, many people out there living in the difficult circumstance need their helps.
Last November 2015, teachers and representative of UNIS School Hanoi visited to Pù Bin for inspection trip to further cooperation.
Welcome to Pù Bin, UNIS students!

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