Spice making classes will show you the traditional process how Pù Bin’s artisans create each spice. You can see the process is quite simple and in actuality,the artisans are performing their inherited technique. Without them there would be no Pù Bin spice specialties. Participation in the entire process is rarely required, however an extra hand is always welcome. After every class, you will be rewardedwith a surprisesouvenir from our wholehearted artisans.


Please join our cooking classes. Learning to prepare our local culinary is a very real opportunity to share with you ourlocal culture and custom.

The five colors of the meal symbolize five basic elements. Yellow for earth, green for leaf, red for fire, white for metal and black for water. Rainbow sticky rice is a traditional dish of the Thái People which is usually made in festivals, ceremonies, and whenever the family has honoredguests. In addition, Thái people are famous for their BBQ dishes,marinated with chili, forest pepper and other spices and then prepared over a wood flame.
Stay tuned to explore our savory and unique culinary of the Thái people.


Pù Bin is an ideal place for those love local encouter. Visit Pù Bin, you will always be escorted by our friendly host, take time to take to them, see their daily life, under their custom and become truly family together.

If you are interested, you can have chance to enjoy Traditional Thái Dance and having culture exchange.

If you travel during school time, you can go and visit school of Nà Lụt Village, play with kids, teach them English, drawing, or simplity giving them some sweets.

Pù Bin always waiting for you!


If you wish to experience a new form of body and mind, than their is no better way than to start your day with exercises. Quiet your mind, relax and embrace silence in the middle of a panorama view of Pu Bin. We bring exercises back to its original link with nature. Together with a relaxed place to practice, we offer the authenticity and richness of exercises sessions. Our program mainly emphasizes on the development of self-awareness through precision in movement and attention to posture and breath. Sessions are designed to help you to regulate the rate of your breath, clear your mind, detox your body and soul and promote a healthier life. Peace of mind, improved flexibility, muscle strength and healing your body are additional benefits you can expect to achieve from our exercises program.
Our exercises instructor believes in teaching with kindness and respect. Our exercises program is suited for everyone from beginner to advance.

Do you need to escape your busy life? Then come join us in Pù Bin. In Pù Bin, you will find a perfect placeof relaxation and harmony for your body and soul. Our spa’s on stilts is located in the middle of the vast hill where the beauty of nature will unlock your senses. It with the sanctuary you’ve been looking for. We provide you with a wide range of therapeutic spa services using Vietnamese most ancient beauty secrets. Our special packages combines locally-inspired body and facial treatments, which will rebalance your skin’s natural defence mechanisms and bring back youthful glow skin.
Come and meet our experts who will offer physical and spiritual thearapies to help you address health concern and assist you to achieve a better state of life. We invite you to come experience our amazing services.


Would you like to see the process of planting and harvesting corn, vegetable and rice in a field/garden? Come and spend your time on Pù Bin, situated in an idyllic countryside setting, surrounded by mountains in the middle of ancient rice terraces.

You will have chance to participate on:

+ Rice planting and harvesting
+ Watering the vegetables
+ Collecting the vegetables & other products
+ Prepare the soils: ploughing or digging
+ Digging sweet potatoes, lemongrass or even turmetic and ginger
+ Picking the herbs